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Culture without borders

In the very south of Alsace, where France, Germany and Switzerland meet, you will discover the huge artistic and architectural heritage that has grown up along the Rhine, the cradle of "Rhenish Humanism"

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Pedal the waterways

Go where the water goes, along the Rhine and the canals. Thanks to the "2 banks, 3 bridges" network of cycle tracks, you can pedal from one bank to the other, "leap-frogging" to and fro across the French, German and Swiss borders.

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Soak up nature in the Petite Camargue Alsacienne

If the Three Countries Region lies at the point where roads, railway and air routes meet, it is also a crossroads for the waterways.

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The Rhine in all its facets

Water is an omnipresent thread that will accompany you throughout your stay. Whether you are at the edge of the Water, on the Water or in the Water, the Rhine is an extraordinary playground.

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Discover the immense historical and artistic heritage that has grown up along the Rhine, the cradle of "Rhenish Humanism": ancient, modern and contemporary art, world-renowned architecture, built and industrial heritage… Enjoy being surprised!

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Saint Louis

Saint-Louis brewery  

Different sorts of speciality beers are brewed here according traditional Alsatian brewing methods...

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The architect Le Corbusier  

Le Corbusier was a French architect, urban planner, decorator, painter, sculptor and man of...

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Saint Louis

Fondation Fernet Branca  

The Fernet-Branca space of contemporary art is set up in the former wine storehouse of the...

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Heiligenbrunn Chapel  

Heiligenbrunn, probably a former place of pagan worship, is a chapel with a spring with healing...

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